June 18 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship June 2018

We’re celebrating 15 years and looking forward to an INCREDIBLE future.

One of our favorite times each summer is when hundreds of kids and volunteers show up for our Children’s Camp.  Attached are a few picts from early camps!   We have two camps this summer and the one that’s still open is June 25-28.  It’s going to ROCK!










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I’m grateful for those of you who chose to check out this additional information on ways to Put God First from our Father’s Day message.   A photo of the page of my dad’s greatest lessons ever learned is at the bottom of this blog; I keep it in my office. 

This photo is one that I treasure.  It’s the only one I have of my dad holding me as a newborn.  When I was first born, he took me into his father’s front yard and held me up and dedicated me to God.  He asked God to make me a doctor or preacher; someone who would help people.  He told God he would not interfere in any way or try to impose his desire on me.  I didn’t know anything about this until years after I surrendered to God’s call to the ministry.


A few ways my dad learned and chose to put God first are listed here…

God was 1st in his day.  After he made the decision to put God first, every morning he developed the habit of eating his breakfast, reading his Bible and praying.   He learned and grew by habitual practice.

If you need help – let us know.  You can start by reading a Proverb from the book of Proverbs every day and ask God to show you one thing He wants you to understand and apply as it relates to your attitude or actions.  There are also many Bible reading plans at http://www.youversion.com

God was 1st in his week.  For as long as possible, he served consistently at his church & rarely missed being engaged with his church on Sunday until he got cancer.  Yes, there were times he disagreed with decisions made at the church, but he supported his pastors and continued to serve faithfully in spite of those decisions.

God was 1st in his finances.  Even when his world was turned upside down by cancer, he & my mom continued to tithe & give the first part of their income back to God.  Tithing was an act of worship for him and still is for my mom.

God was 1st in his decisions.    He learned to pray and ask God for wisdom as he looked for answers in Scripture or by talking with his pastor or other Christians he knew.

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June 16 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship 2018

Celebrating 15 years & looking forward to an INCREDIBLE future.







Early on we wanted to make a difference in our communities by serving them in practical ways.  We started out doing this 14 years ago and continue to do so today.

We love the people of Wise County and want to serve our communities in as many ways as we can through simple acts of kindness.

Through our Be Rich campaign, we’ve given nearly $100K back to our community over the past three years by investing in other organizations who serve our community.

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June 15 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship 2018

Celebrating 15 Years & Looking Forward To An Even Greater Future!  We got so excited as a church family as we started seeing the first building go up in 2006.  This was another miracle of God as people stepped out in faith in the Fall of 2005 and gave sacrificially to help our dream become a reality.  For us to impact the next generation we have to move forward in faith and serve sacrificially, give sacrificially and embrace our core values of Invite Connect Grow Go as those who’ve gone before us did!

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June 14 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship 2018

Celebrating our 15th Birthday & looking forward to an INCREDIBLE FUTURE.  One of my great memories was the day we came as families and put our handprints and some favorite Scripture on the walls of the current building as it was being built.  We dedicated this building and all that would go on here to the Lord.  At the very foundation of our current facility – behind the paint, sheetrock, tile, wood and carpet are passages of Scripture we wanted to be true of Grace Fellowship.  I haven’t been able to find my photos of this event and asked our church family for help.  I’m grateful Jeannine Powers still had these photos of their family at this landmark event.

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June 13 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship 2018

Celebrating 15 years – looking forward to an INCREDIBLE future!

We have a team leaving today to serve with Mission of Hope (MOH) in Haiti; we’ve been serving in Haiti for years and have a great love for the people of Haiti and the work of MOH.  Mission Of Hope’s mission is: “As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. We desire to serve the nation of Haiti, and see lives changed.”  Please pray for our team in Haiti this week.   We also have a team of students and adults serving House of Faith in San Angelo this week; please pray for them too!  Thank you.

I love the photos below.  The young man being baptized is Zach Eubanks; the same young man (several years later) shown on his knees sharing the truth about Jesus with the people of Haiti.  One of my favorite photos of all time from Haiti is this one of Pastor Michael praying for this lady from Haiti.

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June 12 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship June 2018

Celebrating 15 years!  We moved to Paradise High School the first Sunday in June 2005 and celebrated by kicking off Summer in Paradise.   I loved it because we all wore Hawaiian shirts!  It was another great step of faith in our adventure of following God’s leadership!

We were and are committed to students & children because we believe God has called us to invest in the next generation.

So be very careful how you live. Live wisely, not like fools. I mean that you should use every opportunity you have for doing good, because these are evil times.  Eph. 5:15-16 ERV

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June 11 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship June 2018

We’re celebrating our 15th birthday this month & enjoying some photos from the past, but our focus is on the INCREDIBLE FUTURE God has for us!  We were (and are) blessed by amazing leaders and volunteers.  We had an amazing group of people who understood why we exist & showed up week after week to spend Saturday night and Sunday morning setting up at Paradise High School.  These people were “All In” and made a huge difference by praying over the services every weekend before they started setting up.

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June 10 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship June 2018

We’re celebrating our 15th Birthday as a church this month.  The past is a great way to remember the miracles God has done, but we’re not stuck in the past.   We have a great future.  Our dreams are huge and we believe God has a great vision for us and even greater miracles to come.

In June, 2006, we had our official ground-breaking.  We met as a church to worship and pray over this land.  I believe God gave us a promise found in Deuteronomy 5:33 as we looked forward to building on the land and making an impact in Wise County and the World.

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June 9 – INCREDIBLE – Grace Fellowship June 2018

In the 2nd half of 2004 we began to look for land and in the process had a chance to meet with James and Shirley Wood where we shared our vision with them.  They were excited about what God was doing and James said I’ll sell you land.  He made 30 acres (pictured  below) available to us and made us a deal we couldn’t refuse.  That was the beginning of us finding a permanent home as God continued to provide and bless.  We are so thankful for James & Shirley and for God’s blessing!

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